Aspiring journalist, or Kardashian (whichever one fate may hand me). City mind. Country heart. Lover of food, armadillos, boat shoes and all things American. Firm believer in loyalty, respect and a good laugh. The fact that this text won't justify bothers me to no end. Twitter: @acutiee

Permalink Hey people. It’s Thursday. 😏📰 @EUP_Spectator
Permalink Basically in love with my new rings from @bingbangnyc
Permalink Yes, of course I documented my first moments in the Pacific Ocean. What of it?
Permalink If we could just not leave, that would be cool.  (at Pacific Beach Boardwalk)
Permalink Easily one of the best meals of my life. I love this place.  (at Fat Sal’s Deli)
Permalink Glad the weather cleared up for a hot sec this morning. #acpsd  (at Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa)
Permalink @EUP_Spectator takes #acpsd (at Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa)
Permalink Yeah, I’ll be #thatgirl
Permalink #tbt to @EUP_Spectator trips past. So excited to make it all happen again next week.
Permalink My aunt’s stuffed shells and my main man. I feel better.